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Home sweet home!

We've spent the last few weeks house sitting for my sister while she was out of town. It has been wonderful to get to spend some time with family and friends. Now this evening we are headed home. I'm excited and yet sad:( I've enjoyed getting to eat lunch with my hubby every day, hang out with friends, go on coffee dates with my sister.... but there is still no place like home! I'm so blessed!
 Thank you all for hanging out the last few weeks. We loved every second of it:)

Godly Responses

This is just something that has been on my mind a lot lately. How do you respond when someone hurts you? Growing up I would lash out. As I got older, I started responding "more maturely" :) I would either get huffy and walk away, or burst into tears and walk away. Then I would relive it over and over and get angrier and angrier inside. God has been teaching me that I need to just let it go when someone hurts me, which is much easier said than done. Sometimes I need to talk with the one who hurt me, but not in the heat of the moment, if I want to respond in a godly manner. 
 People LOVE to give everyone advice, so it came as no surprise to me that we would get loads of it when we announced our plans to adopt. The thing that I was not expecting, was how hurtful some of the words would be. "Maybe you will still have a baby of your own," as if an adopted child would not be "our own." I realize they probably didn't mean it that way, nevertheless, it still …