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We just got our garden planted this past week. I always look forward to playing in the dirt every Spring! It's so exciting to watch the new life spring up. The not so fun part is keeping it weeded. Hopefully I can keep up with that better this year and we can harvest some yummy fresh veggies!

 We're looking forward to having our yard sale this weekend to help with the adoption costs. If you could all pray that it goes well, that would be much appreciated! I'm also looking into a Summer job to help out with it all also, on top of taking care of Serra... pray that God's will might be done in all this. 
 Hope that you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
~In Him, Esther

Springtime in WI!

I have been enjoying Spring here in northern WI. We've been teased by it for a while, but I think it is finally here to stay! I can't wait to start working in our garden again.
 Memorial Day weekend, we're having a yard sale at my sister's house to help raise funds for adoption. If you think of us, pray that it will go well. We've been very blessed so far, and are getting closer and closer to our goal:) 
Have a great evening:)