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Contentment is something that I really struggle with in this phase of life. I don't know what the future holds, but I know that today, God's will is for me to happily and cheerfully serve Him right where I am! Sometimes I get caught up in the "if only" but I know that God would have me be joyful for what I have instead of pining for what I don't. Pray for me (us!) as God continues to guide and direct us in the way.
 We have another nephew! Ben's sister Samantha had a healthy baby boy on our sixth anniversary! They named him Darin Robert. We haven't had a chance to go meet him yet.
 We went on a camping trip for our anniversary and had a wonderfully refreshing time together! Believe it or not, even without children we need time away together to reflect on who we are as a couple away from home and all the distractions of every day life.