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Hello World! It has been a while since I have written. A lot has been happening! 
 We have been thinking and praying about moving south since October. Mainly for health reasons, which I'm not going to go into. We were thinking about Florida and did a lot of research and figured out what part we wanted to visit. We went down a couple weeks ago and loved it:) Ben was able to find a job, and we got a good lead on an apartment close by. So, we are planning, Lord Willing, on moving in June. 

 Please pray for us. We are looking forward to the adventure, but it will be hard too. We'll both be leaving our families, our friends and our church. It will be hard, I know.  We visited a church in the area while we were done there and really appreciated it. Just pray that God will continue to guide and direct our lives.
 On the adoption front, we're still saving and waiting and praying! The saving part is going on a back burner while we get moved and all, and that is hard to. But we know t…